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My name is Emilee. I am a 24 year old girl navigating her way through life. I've found writing to be quite the release for me, hence this blog. My purpose is to share my mind, and by doing that; by being vulnerable, I will help myself along the way. I may never share anything publicly again, and I also might share everything.

First, this blog is to help ME. Being vulnerable in my struggle and sharing it with no shame is a very important part of my recovery. Vulnerability is also super important to me. I think it's necessary to show who you are, share your thoughts and mind and find those who's hearts beat to the same rhythm. 

What if by doing this I help someone else? I know that when I was at my worst, reading stories from brave people who shared their struggle REALLY helped me feel not so alone. It's no fun to be down in that shame hole by yourself. Even if 1 person can read this and think "wow, it's not just me", that's enough. 

We need to seriously open up the conversation about mental health. There is no reason that I should have been SO scared to share this for the first time, but I was. And I think I still am, but I'm trying to be brave. The truth is, anybody who cares about me isn't going to say anything negative about this. And if I do get anything negative, I'll remind myself that it likely has nothing to actually do with me. 

Thank you for getting this far. For even getting here. It means the world. 


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